Getting Started/Intake Verification Failed Error

In order to start your intake form online, you’ll need two pieces of information:

  • Intake Access Code (different than the access code that accompanies your therapist's prescribed care plan)
  • Patient's Date of Birth

To ensure HIPAA compliance, you must enter both pieces of information to begin.

  1. Access Code: Your access code automatically populates in the form if you start your intake by:
    1. Clicking the link in the email or text message you received from the clinic;
    2. Scanning your unique QR code in the clinic.

Note: The only time you need to manually type in your access code is if you type the intake URL directly into your device’s browser. Your clinic is equipped to provide you with this link and the corresponding access code in person or over the phone.

  1. Date of Birth: Next, enter your date of birth or the patient’s date of birth (if it’s not you).
  2. Click Next to complete the intake information.

Why am I getting a “Verification Failed” notification?

If you click Next and then see the Verification failed notification above, try to troubleshoot using the following steps:

  1. Confirm that your Access Code is correct, especially if you typed it in manually.
  2. Confirm that your Date of Birth is correct.
  3. If you continue to see this notification, it is possible that your clinic accidentally recorded your Date of Birth incorrectly. Please call them directly to update your information. 

Note: It could take up to 15-20 minutes for the date of birth update to take effect. If you still cannot access your intake after 20 minutes, please reach out to our team at

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