What does "difficulty" mean when viewing exercise video?

While you are working through your care plan exercises, underneath the "Send Feedback to Therapist" text box you will see a "Set Difficulty" button

Once you click on the "Set Difficulty" button, it will bring you to a screen that looks like this:

From this screen you can drag the button to the left or right depending on how easy or difficult the care plan exercise is for you

If you find a particular care plan exercise that is too difficult for you, or you find you are not getting enough out of a particular care plan exercise, you can drag the difficulty bar to the side you choose and then you are given the opportunity to provide feedback to you care team provider:

From here your care plan provider can see your comments on specific care plan exercises and can follow up with you. Your previous and future messages with your care plan provider can be found by clicking on the message icon located in the top right corner of the page. When you provide feedback to your care plan provider from the difficulty screen, your message will also provide information from the care plan exercise that you have set difficulty for:

Setting difficulty helps to provide important information to your care team provider so that you continue to progress through your care plan.

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