What does the Autoplay function do?

Once your care team provider has set up your care plan, you will see your care plan exercise videos displayed individually across the screen:

This gives you the option to choose which care plan exercise you wish to do. If you wish to play all of your care plan exercises consecutively, click on the "Begin Routine" button: 

After you click the "Begin Routine" button, the first video in your care plan will being to play. Once you have finished the care plan exercise and marked it as complete you will see a check box that says "Autoplay"

When you select the the autoplay function, next to the "Tasks Remaining" section, you will see a timer start to count down to your next exercise in your care plan. If at any point you need to take a break, skip, or go back to an exercise select the pause, skip, or fast forward buttons on that screen

While on Autoplay, your care plan exercises will cycle through multiple times. If you are finished with your care plan exercises, click the "Submit Routine" button and your progress will added to your "My Progress" page. 

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