My Access Code and my Date of Birth don't match, what do I do?

After you meet with your care team provider, you will receive an email from StriveHub Portal with information regarding your new StriveHub Portal account. Follow these steps to set up your StriveHub Portal account:

  1. To login to StriveHub Portal account look for the email that your care team provider sent to you and within that email, you should see something like this: 

  2. When you click view my Care Plan you should be prompted to create an account. Click the "Create Account" button on the right, as seen below

  3. Once you go through the account creation process, you will be prompted for your access code. Whether you copy and paste or you choose to type it in, make sure there are no additional spaces before or after the access code. You will find your access code below the "View My Care Plan"  button in the email you received from your care team provider on this page:

  4. After you enter your access code you will be prompted for your date of birth for HIPAA compliance  

  5. Now you should be able to access your new care plan. Going forward, you will only need to use your email address and secure (more than 8 letters/numbers/symbols) password to log in.

  6. If you still can not access your care plan, this problem typically occurs when your clinic has accidentally entered your birth date incorrectly, or did not have the correct date in their file. Contact your healthcare provider directly to confirm they have your correct birth date on file.

    Once a correct birth date is confirmed, if you are still experiencing an issue with your access code contact
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