Message Your Therapist

There are two methods of contacting your therapist:

  • Exercise Feedback
  • Direct Message

Let's review how and when to use each method.

Exercise Feedback

When performing an exercise, you may find that it's too easy, too difficult/painful, you're missing required equipment, or your therapist didn't include the sets and reps. These are all valid reasons why you would want to use the Exercise Feedback method.

  1. Simply enter your concerns into the Send Feedback to Therapist box.
  2. If desired, select Set Difficulty and use the slider to inform your therapist how easy or difficult the exercise was. 

  3. Then, click Submit Feedback

  4. To view your feedback and any replies from your therapist, please see the Direct Message section.

Direct Message

If you ever have general concerns about your Care Plan or questions about moving forward in therapy, you can message your therapist directly. This is also where you can see any Exercise Feedback you provided and any associated response from your therapist.

  1. Select the envelope icon in the top-right corner to open the Messages tab. 

  2. If you have never messaged your therapist, or they have never messaged you, select New Conversation

    1. Then, select the icon that shows your therapist's name and initials. 

  3. Or, if there is already a conversation started, select it from the provided list. 

  4. All communication will be displayed in chronological order. Messages that were sent using an Exercise Feedback form will be notated with the phrase: "This feedback was provided on the exercise:", followed by the name of the exercise. 

  5. Use the Type a message box to communicate with your therapist. 

  6. Press Enter on your keyboard to send. They will receive an email notifying them of your message.

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