I am Having Trouble Logging into Portal

If you are having trouble logging into StriveHub Portal for the first time, here are some FAQ answers to look into:

1) Have you checked that your Access Code and Date of Birth have been entered correctly?

Make sure that when you are entering your date of birth, you are entering the two digit numerical equivalent of your birth month (i.e.: 01 for January, 02 for February, etc.). You will know if your DOB and Access Code are entered in the correct format if the red line under each field turns blue. 

2) Are you using an up-to-date web browser? 

It's possible that the browser you are using is preventing the site from loading. We have seen login issues in the past when patients are using outdated versions of Internet Explorer or with Firefox. If this applies to you, we would recommend trying to access Portal from a different browser like Google Chrome, Safari, or an up-to-date Internet Explorer.

Download instructions for Chrome can be found here.

Internet Explorer download instructions can be found here.

If the above options don't allow you access, please let us know via email at help@strivehub.com! 

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