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Create Login

There are two different methods for creating a Patient Portal login:

  • Patient Portal Welcome Email
  • Patient Portal Website

While both methods are very similar, they start out differently. Let's review the steps for each method.

Welcome Email

This is the most common method. If you provided your therapist with your email address, this method should be used.

  1. Open the email you received from Reach Support.
  2. Select the View My Care Plan button. An internet browser will open to the Patient Portal website. Make note of the Access Code. This will be needed later. 

  3. Your first and last name should auto-populate into the Name field. 

  4. Follow the rest of the instructions listed below in the Finish Account Creation section.


If your therapist did not have your email at the time you were assigned a Care Plan, use this method.

  1. Navigate to portal.strivehub.com in your desired internet browser. We recommend using Google Chrome.
  2. Click the Create Account button. 

  3. Enter your first and last name into the Name field. 

  4. Follow the rest of the instructions listed below in the Finish Account Creation section.

Finish Account Creation

  1. Enter your preferred email address into the Email field. This does not have the be the same email address that your therapist has on file.
  2. Use the Create Password and Confirm Password fields to finish your basic account information.
  3. Click Sign Up. You will be directed to the Add Care Plan page. If you receive an error stating that the account is already taken, please see: Email Address Taken.

  4. Enter the Access Code that was provided to you. This could be in the Welcome Email or on a printed Handout from your therapist. You must include the (-) hyphen. 

  5. Next, enter the Date of Birth associated with that Access Code. Please note, if you are adding a Care Plan for a spouse or child, you need to use their Date of Birth. 

  6. Lastly, click Access Careplan. You will be automatically logged into your account.


If you are having trouble creating your Patient Portal account, consider the following:

1) Have you checked that your Access Code and Date of Birth have been entered correctly?

Make sure that when you are entering your date of birth, you are entering the two-digit numerical equivalent of your birth month (i.e.: 01 for January, 02 for February, etc.). You will know if your DOB and Access Code are entered in the correct format if the red line under each field turns blue. 

2) Are you using an up-to-date web browser? 

It's possible that the browser you are using is preventing the site from loading. We have seen issues when patients are using outdated versions of Microsoft Edge or any version of Firefox. If this applies to you, we recommend using a different browser. We highly recommend Google Chrome. Other viable options include Safari and up-to-date versions of Microsoft Edge.

Download instructions for Chrome can be found here.

Microsoft Edge download instructions can be found here.

Have other questions like how to reset your password, or what an access code is? Click here to access our Portal Login Help Center!

If you are still unable to obtain access, please email our support team at help@strivehub.com.

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